It's one of the most debated topics in sports - and even if you don't like baseball, you have an opinion.

So do the "alleged" steroid users belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

The answer is pretty clear - YES!  We're not choosing a Chief Justice here people - we're choosing the best baseball players of the era.  So get off your moral high ground.

You can’t change what happened in the past.  Steroids are now a part of Major League Baseball: they are here to stay.  There’s no way we can separate the players that were doing steroids from the clean ones.  The stats are flawed for everyone from the mid-90’s until today.  Steroid using pitchers were going against non-steroid using batters and vice versa.

The top two home run hitters are not in the Hall of Fame, 6 of the greatest 13 homer run hitters in MLB history likely won’t get in at this rate. And perhaps the greatest pitcher of the 21st century won’t be in either. Why?



The Hall of Fame is for the fans to look back at the game’s history.   There's a 9/11 exhibit @ the NYS Museum - it's not something we want to remember but it's something we should never forget!  Like it or not, a big part of baseball’s history involves steroids.

We honored players from the known-racist era. There’s a Negro League section of the Hall of Fame!  Again, not something we want to remember - but we should never forget that time of American culture.

What happens if the player you thought was clean turns out to be a steroid user?  You’d have a bigger issue then you would have if you just let everyone in.

Where do we draw the line?

Under MLB’s current system, Bonds never tested positive.  Neither did Sosa or McGwire or A-Rod.  I’m not saying this is right – but I’m just being realistic.



If you’re a baseball purist, please remember this: Your MLB had a tie in the All-Star game, an Owner is now serving as a commissioner and the World Series isn’t played in the daytime anymore.

It’s called evolution.  Cars in the 60’s didn’t have air conditioning or power windows or power locks.  My car talks to me now and gives me directions.

That same technology that’s advanced our society is that exact same technology that’s constantly finding new ways to hide performance-enhancing drugs.

So let them in and celebrate the game of baseball for what it is - entertainment.


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