Correct me if I'm wrong - but don't the Miami Dolphins have a head coach?  It's Tony Sparano, right?

Tell that to the 'Phins powers that be - because, apparently, they didn't get the memo.

Dolphins owner Steve Ross traveled out west to try and convince Stanford's Jim Harbaugh to become the new Miami next coach.   Problem is, the Dolphins still have the old coach.

Ross is willing to make Harbaugh the highest-paid coach in the NFL, which would place his salary in the $7 million-to-$8 million range.


There are so many things wrong with this picture.  First off, it's so unprofessional that they are interviewing a candidate while someone else still has the job.

Why not just fire Sparano?  He knows he's not the guy anymore.  What happens when, for whatever reason, Harbaugh doesn’t take the Dolphins job?  Doesn’t that send a horrible message to Sparano and the current coaching staff?  By the way, most of the current Miami coaching staff is packing up their offices.

Then, they want to pay Harbaugh $7-8 million per season?  Are they insane?He’s never coached in the NFL.  He could pull a Nick Saban and head back to college coaching in 13 months with his tail between his legs.  So many great college coaches couldn't cut it in the pros (Steve Spurrier, Barry Switzer, even Pete Carroll).  It's not out of the realm that Harbaugh either doesn't like it or can't win at the next level.

Ross, the Dolphins owner, is a Michigan alumni and gives millions to the school every year.  I understand the connection to your alma matter but he has his Blue and Gold Michigan colored-glasses on if he's going to pay that much for a coach!  If he gives Harbaugh $7-8 million dollars, it would make him the highest paid coach in the NFL!

Not only that - but if you're Jim Harbaugh, isn't something in the back of your mind going, "Let's see, they haven't fired their coach yet and they're interviewing me.  Is this an organization that has all their ducks in a row? And do I want to work for them?"

This is also a PR disaster for the Dolphins and Harbaugh.

If you're a Dolphins fan, Harbaugh is probably a step up from what you have now but at least Sparano will leave "South Beach" with his dignity in tact.

Sparano is the one that looks good here - and remember, he's the one that's getting fired for under-performing at his job.