Former Syracuse University and Philadelphia Eagle quarterback Donovan McNabb joined Levack and Goz as an interview guest. I asked McNabb about if he was happy about the current direction of the Syracuse football program under head coach Dino Babers.

"You know what I am. I like what I'm seeing from the offensive end, obviously the up tempo offense in which you know he brought to the New York area no one expected it, no has ever really seen it like that. So I love the yardage and the points they have been putting up. I would like to see a little bit more consistency on third down but when you have the type of offense in which they are trying to do and I've seen it with Chip Kelly in Philadelphia, you are going to need a defense that is going to be stout. That means your defensive line has to be big, they have to be in great shape, they have to be expecting to be play seventy five maybe eighty five plays a game because if they are going to score quickly then that defense is going to be right back out there again so it's going to be important that he, he will have to go out and recruit not only the east but hey you will have to go down south to Texas, to Florida, to Georgia, you are going to have to get some dogs to play at the linebacker and corner back position because we are going to need some physical play from the defensive end if you are going to run that type of offense"


McNabb went on to share stories about his famous throwback game winning touchdown pass against Virginia Tech in 1998, his time as a member of the 1996 Final Four basketball team and even talked some NBA. Donovan McNabb can be heard every Sundays at 10pm during McNabb and Custer on ESPN Radio 1045 The Team. McNabb's full interview with Levack and I is below.

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