Call it a sign of the times. Smart phones have quietly become so ingrained in our lives that they're almost an extension of our physical makeup. How did that children's song go? "Head, shoulders, knees, and iPhone, knees and iPhone?" And while my phone stays readily available in my pocket to text, tweet, or Snapchat, there really still should be a time and place where phones are powered down.

If you're at a wedding ceremony, sitting in church, or, ya know, competing in the damn Olympic games, your phone should not be in the mix!

Apparently French fencer Enzo LeFort doesn't understand the concept of putting his life in airplane mode in order to have a singular focus at the games in Rio. While in the middle of his mock sword fight, Enzo's smartphone popped out of his "armor" and he had to stop, pick it up and hand it to his coach.

Now what in the world was his phone doing on him?

I think what we have here is someone who is so used to having his device on him that he actually feels uncomfortable if it's not attached. It's not that he's actually going to use it, but not having the option to do so is something that throws him off.

This is a bad thing.

But instead of peeling back the onion of how our culture is deteriorating to rubbish, how about just watching the video and trying to have a good day?

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