Something you've probably never thought would happen is actually going to occur today.

A tripleheader will be played.

The Lynchburg HillCats will host the Potomac Nationals in what will be the first tripleheader played in the Carolina League since 1996 due to unfortunate weather and scheduling circumstances.

The first game will be the resumption of Monday's suspended game in which the Nationals were at the plate, up 4-2, in the top of the fifth. That game will go the requisite nine innings.

After completion of that game, the teams will play 2 seven inning games to make up for yesterdays postponed game and the eventual game that would be played today.

The reason why this is an option is because the two teams will not play again in the first half of the season after Wednesday.

That means there will be a minimum of 19 innings played on Wednesday between the two teams, should the games not go extra innings. The resumption of the first game will start at 3 p.m.