Each week at 4pm we highlight the best of the best in Socially Awkward Media. This Thursday is the 2020 edition of the NFL Draft. What are you hoping to see your team do tonight? Check out some of the best messages of the week below.

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Beverly-Is that you Roger?

Gabe-The Boston Red Sox punishment is an absolute joke. Soft serve in summer .

Butter-Levack,I thought you would talk about Jeter giving up his salary to help his team

Dan-Why not include USA wrestling. BHBL Athletics, Niskayuna Athletics, Journeymen Wrestling? Are you playing favorites?

Andre-Bro. Gronkowski and Brady. Superbowl in Tampa, doesnt this feel so... right.

Roy-Hell no ! Better stock up on medical supplies meaning wheelchairs and crutches


John Longton-stop yelling at them

Sean Hal- Is a moustache really a moustache if you still have a beard?

Me-My wife's due date is in 69 days...nice!


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