Having an offense that turns the ball over at a record pace sucks. Losing your $100 million quarterback and having to replace him with a rookie who‘s last big win came in a Napoleon Dynamite doppelganger contest is a bummer. But having fans call for your job through a Taylor Swift parody, well that just plain hurts.



Such is the case for Eagles Coach and Walrus enthusiast Andy Reid. The formerly anointed “Dream Team” Eagles have dropped six straight games and it is clear that Reid will not be returning and the end of the year. But, for those friendly Eagles fans, the end of the season isn't soon enough. As evidenced in this clever video, despite the thirteen yea run of success, and without regard to his recent family tragedy, Philly fans want him out, now.

Somewhere, Jon Gruden bobbing his head to the smooth sounds of Swift while proofreading his resume.

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