County Waste has partnered with us to honor those in our communities who are truly making a difference. All throughout 2017, we will be recognizing one “hero” per month based on their inspirational feats, work helping their neighbors, and everyday passion.

This month's Hometown Hero is a real "life saver" and is every bit as humble as she is courageous.

Courtesy of Davia Montie
Courtesy of Davia Montie

Her name is Erika Bain and she's an EMT for the Town of Hunter Ambulance Service.  Her colleague Davia felt compelled to write in because Erika's fearless quick thinking and dedication to her job helped save a life while she was "off duty".  We learned quickly though, that Erika has saved quite a few lives in her 14 years as an EMT.

We're convinced that there's a phone booth somewhere in the Town of Hunter for her to put on her Superwoman cape in a moments notice.  Ask her about it, and she's "just doin' her job"

Click here to see how you can nominate a hero for the month of March, and learn more about Erika from her interview with the GNA Morning Rush:

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