Since I have worked here at 1045 The Team, there is nothing I felt was more "adulting" than discussing the biggest stories of the day by the water cooler. Everyone does no matter where you work. I never had that experience at a work place until arriving here at 1045 The Team. No matter who, what or when, if I am by the water cooler, I will talk to you. This year it reached a point where it needed to be on video. Thanks to our friends at Tech East Fire and Water Restoration, you now get a chance to see what happens behind the scenes at 1045 The Team.



Don't forget Tech East Fire and Water Restoration is your back way to normal visit T-E Fire Water Dot Com. Remember you can hear a condensed version of our version of water cooler talk during Levack and Goz's Top 5 at 5 each day at 5pm.

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