Thanks to Tech East Fire and Water Restoration, each month we take you behind the scenes at 1045 The Team’s studios.  Over the past few months, Digital Doug has caught me in action “At The Water Cooler” interacting with innocent bystanders in our building. There has been some SERIOUS controversy involving the water cooler in our building. A sign has now gone up in the break room reminding people to fill up the water jug when it is empty. Yet some how Levack continues to keep finding himself filling it up each week. Luckily I have used my detective skills to figure out who is behind the crime. Check out the video below to watch my detective skills at work.

Althougt we have yet to find the criminal, I have made it my duty to figure out who is committing this horrible crime. Remember if you want to find your best way back to normal learn more about them online at http://tefirewater.com/


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