The world wide leader? Hardly. Oh in terms of marketing itself perhaps but in reality-No thanks. Hey ESPN their is more to reporting the NHL playoffs then giving a score.

Now I know Hockey is 4th on the major sport pecking order, maybe 5th depending if you consider Auto Racing a sport, but seriously ESPN your hockey covergae is a joke!

Yes I love the game, especially the playoffs which unlike any other playoff or sport has more parity then any other sport by far. Already a 1 seed is out-see Vancouver. A red hot 4 seed is out-see Pittsburgh. Another 1 seed is in trouble- See the Rangers and a 2 seed and defending champ Boston is alos 1 win away from extinction. On and on. Over time games aplenty, upsets, dirty play so much to talk about yet it is mostly ignored by the "World Wide Leader". Oh wait the WWL doesn't carry Hockey anymore now does it. Well we have our answer.

Just yesterday alone I think Sportscenter spent what seemed like 30 minutes on Metta World Peace's vicious elbow to the bean of James Harden. I think they spent another 40 minutes on some obscure Right Guard from some obscure School as the NFL draft is upon us. How much time spent of Soccer? talk about no one cares. Oh wait ESPN deportes carries Soccer. Hmm.

Then again there was Sage Steele, a pretty face albeit a stick figure who has probably neevr watched a Hockey game butchering names all over the place. Well it's only Hockey.

Thank goodness for Steve Levy and his brief segments with Barry Melrose or we would be lucky to get a score.

So the network that will pound things into the groud, see Tim Tebow and his presser and ESPN specials on him for more proof of this can muster what 2 minutes of highlights and some brief chatter. By the way ESPN check the rstings of Soccer vs Hockey.

Steele is hardly the 1st to botch name after name of the NHL players. Check Stewie Scott for his abominable record on this matter. I bet if he botched Messi's name he would get grilled by his bosses let alone a female WNBA player. Pathetic!

No I will never proclaim I won't watch ESPN or anything like that. That's absurd. But I also don't think they lead the world wide anything when it comes to sports coverage. Their abortion of coverage on the Bernie Fine case is proof that they like to think of themselves as superior but really aren't.

Rumor has it that Rupert Murdoch will dump plenty to challenge ESPN self sanctimonius attitude covering sports. Oh I would love to see this.

Truth be told I am not a big fan of Bristol, not so much their talent or hosts but it is somewhat personal as for my dislike, especially and only their attitude and a few in management. It will be in my book someday. For today it will air on my radio show-1045 the team, ESPN radio, In Albany NY from 3-7 pm.

Yes I do work for a carrier of ESPN radio but no I don't work for ESPN radio! I like Hockey lots so I guess I wouldn't fit in too well at the World Wide Leader. LOL.

In the meantime us Hockey fans can get plenty of coverage elsewhere and when I watch Sports Center I will just have to wait for the coverage, after tennis in Dubai, Soccer in France, Pole vaulting in Turkey, and maybe womans hoops in Kansas.

Today we get hours and hours and hours of coverage of a cheap elbow from Peace. YAWN

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