Dwayne Wade Gets Honored In Emotional Tribute [VIDEO]
I really don't know anyone that doesn't like Miami Heat Superstar Dwayne Wade. Sure there's a minor "war of words" between Wade's wife Gabrielle Union and retired NBA great Paul Pierce but even that seems more about debate than disrespect to me. This season has been one…
Budweiser Honors Dale Earnhart Jr’s Last Ride [VIDEO]
Dale Earnhart Jr was racing royalty long before he first joined the ranks of Nascar's greats. His father was "The Intimidator" Dale senior was everyone's favorite driver and when he lost his life we all turned to his son to see if anyone could ever drive like senior again. You ca…
Best Super Bowl Commercials
Choosing the 10 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2014 was no easy task, but we have narrowed this year's library of amazing ads down to the best of the best.