I really don't know anyone that doesn't like Miami Heat Superstar Dwayne Wade. Sure there's a minor "war of words" between Wade's wife Gabrielle Union and retired NBA great Paul Pierce but even that seems more about debate than disrespect to me. This season has been one long farewell tour for Wade as just about every game he swapped a jersey with another NBA player. As if the picture above isn't enough to show the impact Wade has made, Budweiser took the jersey tribute swap to a whole other level.

In this video "The King of Beers" decided to focus more on Wade's off the court accomplishments. I'll man up and tell you I got a little misty-eyed watching this.

It's really nice to see that as great as Wade was on the court, he's an even better man in day to day life. #3 will be missed and the.

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