After a few great regular seasons, followed by postseason flameouts, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is being rewarded with five more years in A-Town, signing a five year extension worth up to $103 million.

Ryan had failed to win a playoff game in his career prior to last season, where he helped lead the Falcons to an appearance in the NFC Championship Game, a home loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Of course, football fans will remember that just getting to that point was a white knuckle ride, as the Falcons nearly blew a 27 point lead to the Seattle Seahawks, before Pete Carroll decided to do the most Pete Carroll thing ever and call a timeout to freeze Matt Bryant before his game winning kick attempt. Bryant missed the first try, then buried a game winner for the Falcons following the timeout.

Personally, I wouldn't feel great about dropping up to $103 million on a guy who has had one playoff win over a non-Pete Carroll coached team, but that's just me. At least Falcons fans know that they will be getting a team that will have a sterling regular season, which is more than about 26 other fanbases can say with any certainty.