We have all heard of the famous Nigerian scammer calls. Most of us have said, "How the hell does anyone fall for this crap?" Well they do. Mostly old people. In the call below the Nigerian scammer calls the wrong person and hilariously gets scammed himself...

I've always had fun screwing with these guys. YouTube has a page Hoax Hotel where you can find many of these calls. The old adage remains true: "If it sounds too good." In this call, the woman just plays really dumb and plays along with the apt scam. The way it works is the scammer puts up pictures of a random apt., says he is the landlord and tries to get the woman to send him a deposit through Western Union.

First of all, no landlord ever works this way. I once had a guy try to buy a piano I had put on Craigs List. He sent me a $3,000 check overnight. I was asking $1,200. He said the rest was for freight. Yeah right. I took the check to the bank and it would have cleared but according to my bank it could have still come back on me after the guy had the piano picked up. I had no idea a check cleared by the bank in three days could still come back. Beware of all out of town Craig's List deals.

UIG via Getty Images