Sunday was not the finest hour for Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills.

Coming off of a home victory against the Miami Dolphins, the Bills hosted the Bengals in the AFC Divisional Round on Sunday afternoon. Cincinnati was coming off an emotional victory over the Baltimore Ravens, and looked to return to the AFC Championship Game, where they beat Kansas City last season.

From the opening kick-off onward it was all Cincinnati, and toward the end of the game, Bills' star wideout Stefon Diggs began to snap. As Sunday turned to Monday, some fans are still unhappy with how Diggs handled the defeat.

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Buffalo Bills' Fans React to Stefon Diggs' Behavior After Loss on Sunday

A story from CBS Sports and other outlets detailed the timeline of Stefon Diggs' frustration with his team, the Buffalo Bills, during and after their loss to the Cincinnati Bengals at Highmark Stadium on Sunday. The first sign of anger we received was via a view of the Bills' sideline captured on the CBS Sports broadcast.

The camera showed Stefon Diggs apparently giving QB Josh Allen an earful after another unsuccessful offensive possession. Here's what it looked like:

Fans were quick to take to Twitter to voice their disproval over Diggs' actions:

This is actually a fantastic point:

Now, there's another portion of the fan base that empathized with Diggs in this moment, and appreciated his passion at a time when most of the team didn't seem to have any. Fans are still largely divided as we move further away from the final whistle.

They're less divided, however, about this headline that came after the game:

Here's a follow-up view of the exterior of the locker room:

Here's how fans reacted to seeing these two reports:

Look, I can absolutely understand that Stefon Diggs was frustrated by what unfolded yesterday. The Bills had sky-high expectations entering this season, but from start to finish, it never seemed as though they could get a break in their favor.

From inclement weather forcing them to play a neutral site game in Detroit, to key injuries to players like Von Miller, to everything that happened to Damar Hamlin earlier this month, it was a rough season for the Bills to say the least.

HOWEVER, if you're going to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk, as well. Stefon Diggs finished the game with a team-high ten targets from QB Josh Allen. Does anyone know how many catches he finished the day with?


The weather made it difficult to catch passes, and I understand that, but if you're unable to haul in 60% of your targets, then you're a major part of your team's problem. Stay focused, give it your best, and when the final whistle blows, take your lumps with the rest of your teammates in the locker room. Don't leave in a rush and act like you're more important than the rest of the group.

Diggs had the chance to be a leader for his team yesterday, and he dropped the ball, both metaphorically and in real-life.

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