Earlier this year, we found out that Atlantic City would be the newest city to enter into the Arena Football League for the 2019 season. In similar fashion to Albany last year, fans are getting a chance to vote on the nickname.  (the Empire ended up being the winner for Albany last year), Below are the finalists for the Atlantic City franchise's nickname.

• Atlantic City Blackjacks

• Atlantic City Gamblers

• Atlantic City Jackpot

• Atlantic City High Rollers

• Atlantic City Royals.

To officially cast your vote, follow the link below.

The Arena Football League is likely to add a sixth team for the upcoming season. COO George Manias broke that news to Levack and Goz last month. If you missed that interview, you can click to that in the audio link below.


What do you believe should be the nickname for the Atlantic City arena football team? Let us know your selection below.



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