According to the Times Union, a new on-ramp will open on 890 on Monday. According to the report:

"The inner loop underneath Interstate 890 at Exit 4 will be permanently closed.
The state Department of Transportation is in the midst of a $4.6 million project to reconfigure the interchange near General Electric and Schenectady County Community College"

Finally they fixed this mess. For years that transition was always hair-raising, now it will be much easier. I have seen so many accidents at that transition it's nice to see the DOT actually doing something that will make a difference.

Now that it's done, we can finally visit the adult bookstore that was just down the road. Wait…I think it's gone—it's been awhile! Now if we can only get that casino in faster and hopefully revitalize that downtown area, Schenectady will be heading in the right direction.

Good job DOT keep up the good work.