I picked the Cavs, not because I know a lot about basketball but I'm a big Lebron fan. This commercial hit the air right after they won. It's so well done too. Check it out:

On the show today we had a chance to talk to a sports radio guy from Cleveland who describe the scene in Cleveland after the Cavs win. Listen today between 2 p.m.-7 p.m. to hear it. What a scene it was.

Fifty plus years without a championship the city just exploded into jubilant chaos. I worked in Cleveland for a short time and the city's fans are some of the most devoted, championship starved anywhere. It's so good to see them finally get the championship Lebron promised. I'm not a big basketball guy but i almost lost it when Lebron broke down after the reality of winning finally sunk in, after the pressure was finally over, when the championship he promised to that city was finally delivered.

So what's next for Lebron? Does he stay in Cleveland or go elsewhere to play with guys he has wanted to have on his team? We talk about all that on the show today.