Good for Dan Hurley staying with UConn and showing some loyalty in collegiate athletics which is extremely rare these days.  Hurley turned down a massive long term offer from the Los Angeles which would've been his first opportunity to coach in the NBA.  He has always had an ambition and desire to coach in the league but you wonder if he doesn't want to lose his influence and power of coaching.  He is such a terrific coach but he made the right decision staying with UConn and will have a chance at a three peat with the Huskies.  Below is my quick take as seen in The Times Union:

Dan Hurley is a very smart man for turning down the Los Angeles Lakers job offer because it’s not all about the money not even 6 years and $70 million. Hurley will someday coach in the NBA, but he’s not done at UConn where he has a chance to win an unprecedented third straight NCAA Championship. He’s loyal to his current players and he’s loyal to UConn and the fan base. It’s a refreshing change to not leave his program high and dry when he doesn’t need too. There will be plenty more opportunities to coach in the NBA when the timing is right.

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Hurley has already constructed a great roster for the 2024 25 season and is underway with summer practices too.  I will be rooting hard for UConn this year as I'm a big Dan Hurley fan and his Huskies will have a real shot to pull off a three peat for the first time in several decades.

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