The Knicks lack of offense will cost them a first round playoff series win against Atlanta. It’s been a problem all season, but defense and rebounding has been the equalizer until they ran into Atlanta. The Hawks simple have too many weapons, and they defend and rebound at a high level too. Atlanta knocked down 15 three’s compared to 9 for the Knicks. Kevin Huerter had 11 points and was 3-5 from deep. The Knicks need a win Wednesday at MSG to stave off elimination, but they need more offense to force a game six.
Tim Reynolds joined the show to discuss the Knicks-Hawks series and other stories around the NBA. Make sure to listen above and see the highlights below:
  • It is a make or miss league and Trae Young is breaking down the Knicks in this series. He is finding his shooters and they are knocking down the open looks. If you do that, you are tough to beat.
  • The Knicks definitely need to find some more perimeter players this offseason and give Julius Randle more shooters. That is what the Knicks need to compete more in the future. They have to follow the blueprint the rest of the NBA has followed to get to that next level. It is a big summer for them to keep getting better.
  • Tim was saying the Nets would get to the Finals but after watching the Bucks sweep the Heat, he is now a believe that they are a legitimate tough test. He is a believer in their size and defense that has a new element in Jrue Holiday. The Nets-Bucks will be a banger of a series and the Nets are going to have to adjust to the Buck's size.

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