One of the biggest parts of camping with your friends is the beer. It’s not the main reason you’re in the woods, but it can make or break a trip. It’s not about getting plastered and making out with a bear covered in bees while your friends make a youtube video (Man I miss college), it’s more about highlighting a relaxing weekend.

Bud Heavy and Bud Light


This beer is an American staple which is what hurts it in the rankings. I love Bud Light but I drink it all the time, I don’t camp all the time. I mean you see your wife all the time and she is your favorite women, but that once in a blue moon you get out to the strip club you don’t want to see your wife there. If you do I think it’s time for some couples counseling.

So again this is a great beer but it just doesn’t feel like a great sit around the camp fire and enjoy the night beer. It will do in a pinch and it is a great crowd pleaser if you are having people you don’t usually bring, but make sure to stash something special for your self.

Coors Light


Yah I know it’s the exact same as Bud light as far as quality, but it has a leg up in the competition. It is a built in cooler thermometer. This function allows you to not get food poisoning and junk.  Nothing kills a camping trip faster then a bad case the squirts. Lets face it friends are only friends till someone craps their self in front of 4 or 5 of their boys. From that point on you’ll carry the nick name “Skid Mark” or “Crap pants” (my friends aren’t as creative as most).

So a couple of rocky mountain refreshments in the cooler aren’t a bad idea. Remember when the Mountains are blue you can eat your turkey sub with extra mayo with out consequence.

Corona and Corona Light


The new Corona cans allow you to take these tasty treats into the woods with out worrying about broken glass all over like you’re playing in an abandoned play ground. I recommend you precut the limes before you leave the house, there is nothing worst then cutting off your thumb in the middle of the woods, because then you have to choose whether to go get help, or spend the rest of your life looking like Dennis Hopper in “SPEED”.  I mean you could go limeless with your Corona, but that is yucky and or gross.

This beer is one of the most relaxing drinks in the world. It is a great beer for camping, if you want to feel like it’s an island vacation. Me not so much, but I could see why it’s a popular choice.

Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light


This beer feels like the woods and is also a good drink before, during, after, while playing, and while watching Hockey.  The full body taste in a light beer format allows you to drink like you want to forget something very bad that you did while enjoying the rewarding taste of the Canadian brewing secrets of the Labatt Brewing Family.  This almost the perfect beer for everyone camping, and I stress almost. It’s missing a few things like its only one kind of beer. The winner is something that does all Labatt can do and More.

Saranac 12 Beers of Summer


Saranac has just released there 12 beers of summer in honor of national craft beer week.  It’s got a little for every one and every occasion. If you just want to drink all day The Pale Pale Ale is for you. Want a more traditional taste try their India Pale ale. You just want something that you know you like but still fit in with you buddies and their big boy beer have a bottle of Belgian White, taste like blue moon but better.

The best Part of these beers by Saranac is that they are all in one box, coupled with there famous Saranac Summer ale. You can set up any of your buddies with the perfect beer, make everyone happy, or just hide it all for your self like the Grinch who stole camping.

That’s the list, remember every beer is good, but some beers are more good (I know the grammar is screwed up there just role with it).  Also the big wigs make me say this in every article I write “Drink responsibly and stuff”.

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