#4: One Yard Short

Kevin Dyson #87
Credit: Tom Hauck/Getty Images Sport

Super Bowl XXXIV between the Tennessee Titans and the St. Louis Rams came down to a matter of inches. Literally.

Tied at 16 late in the fourth quarter, Rams QB Kurt Warner connected with WR Isaac Bruce on a 73-yard TD pass to put St. Louis up 23-16 with 2:12 left to play. The late great Steve McNair then had the responsibility to lead a late game comeback.

After leading the drive down to the 10-yard line, McNair completed a pass to WR Kevin Dyson as time was expiring. Dyson caught the ball on a slant route and turned up field toward the end zone. Rams linebacker Mike Jones, covering the center of the field, converged on Dyson short of the goal line and brought him to the turf. Dyson infamously reached the ball out with one hand stretching toward the goal line, coming up just short as time expired, landing this moment at #4 on our countdown.

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