These are going to go fast!  If you're looking for a gift for a Bills fan in your family, you're going to want to stop at a Wegman's Store today.

Fisher-Price is getting into the spirit and cheering on our Buffalo Bills with an exclusive pack of one of their most iconic toys.

Little People have been around for years and years and this year, they're turning into Buffalo Bills fans for a good cause.  They've announced that they're releasing an exclusive "Let's Go Buffalo!" Little People pack.

As you can see, the pack includes a Little People version of coach Sean McDermott, our QB1 Josh Allen, and two members of the Bills Mafia.  One of the Bills Mafia even has a chicken wing hat on their head.

Here's the best part - 100% net proceeds from the sale of this set will go to The Children’s Hospital of Buffalo Foundation for Oshei Children's Hospital.  So you can support your favorite team and a life-saving children's hospital right here in Buffalo.

These are going to go quickly.  They'll be available starting today exclusively at Wegman's.  If you can get your hands on a set, I wouldn't pass them up.

Fisher-Price has made Western New York their home for years.  They've been headquartered in East Aurora for as long as I can remember.

This set has a bit of an emotional connection for me too.  I've often said that I love to watch the Bills because it's what my dad and I would do on Sundays.  We would get some snacks right after church and that's what we did.  We would study every play.  It's still some of my favorite memories.  On top of that, my dad worked at Fisher-Price for my entire life.  So Little People are kind of like an icon that was very familiar in my house.  My dad passed away in 2008 and it's funny how something like this is like having a little piece of him back.

You can be sure that if I can get my hands on some, I won't pass by them.



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