When it comes to passionate, fun-loving fanbases across the National Football League, Bills Mafia is truly in a league of its own.

For fans of the Buffalo Bills, it seems as though no (legal) activity is off-limits during a tailgate party. They'll jump through folding tables, some of which have been lit on fire. They'll even shower willing fans with ketchup, mustard and other multi-colored condiments.

Then, they'll eat, and they'll drink, to their heart's content, before making the trek inside Highmark Stadium to watch their beloved Bills play.

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Bills Mafia is beloved by some, reviled by others, but known by all. That's what made the results of this study, posted to Instagram by BACtrack, very surprising to read.

BACtrack, the self-proclaimed Leader in Breathalyzers, posted a graphic showing which NFL fan bases drink the most on gameday. Here's what they found:

No, that isn't a typo: out of the 30 teams that were included in this study, Buffalo Bills' fans ranked 20th in terms of fanbases who drink the most. Fans of the Tennessee Titans were determined to drink the most, based on collective blood alcohol content, with a 0.093% BAC.

Comparatively, Bills' fans clock in with a 0.065% BAC.

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Keep this in mind: this study is based solely on the blood alcohol content of those who participated. It's a small sample size relative to the massive crowds that gather before games at Highmark Stadium, and it's important to remember that when reading these results.

So, is this study completely accurate?

Probably not, but that's not the point.

Fans in Western and Upstate New York should feel disrespected for being ranked so low in this poll. Eating, drinking and partying are pillars of the Buffalo community on gameday, and this study attempts to besmirch that reputation.

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To me, the response to this study is simple: in 2024, Bills' fans simply must take their tailgating game to the next level.

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