Ethan Woods became a well known name in the Capital Region for taking off the pads and getting into it with the opposing teams goalie in the Albany FireWolves' home opener but that is not what one them over. The reaction to the fight by his teammates and the comradery shown by Woods and the rest of his team made them feel like this team will still compete even if they did drop their home opener to Rochester. Make sure to listen to the interview with Ethan above!

The New York Jets’ are an awful football team, but I am not going to blame it all on head coach Robert Saleh. Saleh needs better players, especially on the defensive side of the ball where the Jets have very little latent. Jets are among the worst defensive units in the NFL, and that’s not on Saleh, that’s solely on General Manager Joe Douglas. Saleh can coach defense but he needs better players. The Jets’ offense when healthy can be respectable and rookie quarterback Zach Wilson has promise, but if the Jets defense can’t stop the run, the losing ways will continue.

Manager Buck Showalter wins the press conference, but can he win a World Series title with the New York Mets? Those are the expectations going into next season and Showalter is on the clock, its a clock he’s not used too. Showalter faces impress pressure to win a Championship very quickly, and he has the roster to do it with. Buck needs to adept his old school mentality with today’s analytics and make a run. It’s the team and expectations he’s inherited.

The Giants decision to shutdown Quarterback Daniel Jones for the rest of the season makes perfect sense. A neck injury is nothing to fool around with, and the fact the Giants aren’t going anywhere makes the decision a rather easy one.  Will Jones be the starter in 2022? He has shown me enough that he deserves one more season with a healthy group of receivers around him and a better offensive line. It’s easy to blame Jones but it starts with a proven offensive coordinator, which the Giants still don’t have on their coaching staff.

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