While mostly simpletons in my view argue enhanced replay in baseball and how needed it is I have a better suggestion that has more effect on teams then a couple of bad calls that may or may not happen.

Baseball should, starting next year, institute a new rule on rained out games. Specifically the way baseball handled the rain shortened Oakland A's win over the Detroit Tigers on Tuesday night should never happen again and frankly doesn't need to ever happen again.

My idea I believe will be rejected by no one and I mean no one. it is totally "fair' to EVERYONE.

The game on Tuesday, played in Detroit, was called in the 6th inning with Oakland up 6-3. after a long delay, but not a grossly long delay the game was called and the A's won the game, a huge win as they fight for a playoff spot. But why was the game called, or more specifically, why wasn't the game continued the next day?

Oakland is playing a 3 game series in Detroit. There is no reason, and I mean NO REASON why the game wasn't picked up from where it was delayed. The outcome of this game effects 9 American league teams fighting for 5 playoff spots. Perhaps the A's win the game anyhow. We will never know now.

The game should have been picked up right where it was delayed the following day, before the regularly scheduled 7.05 pm contest. they should have picked up the delayed game at say 5 p.m.

Who would deny this is a good idea? In fact taking my idea to the next level I would do this. After August 1st any game that involves teams in the pennant race need to be played to it's 9 innings or more completion.

Here is an example how this would work. let's say a Royals game at the Yankees had the same situation as Oakland @ Detroit. Then pick the game up right where it was delayed. if it is the final game of a series and a travel day then pick the game up at a later date. At that date, if let's say the Royals are eliminated but the Yanks not the game must be played. If both teams  are eliminated then the game doesn't need to be played.

Games that effect a pennant race, which in turn can effect a teams chances, which in effect can effect a teams cash bottom line NEED to be finished to it's rightful conclusion.

Yes this plan isn't full proof. It may require a bunch of games being finished the day after the season ends and before the 1 game wild card's are played but the importance of them dictates the games be completed. I have a few other tweaks to add to this plan and by all means a debate should be held with others views on it spelled out but it really isn't that complicated. When playoff spots are on the line these games are far too important to allow not to be finished.

What happened in Detroit is about the worst example of baseball's cancellation rules. Again no reason at all why they didn't pick the game up the following day. NO REASON AT ALL THAT MAKES SENSE

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