Kevin Graber grew up in Albany and is a big fan of Capital Region sports. He is now doing big things coaching and also doing some scouting for the New York Yankees! He also has a storied history as an Albany Twilight League All-Star infielder. The Albany Twilight League will have the current Head Coach at Phillips Academy Andover be their keynote speaker for the annual Season Awards and Hall of Fame banquet on Saturday, November 13th at the Polish American Citizens Club. You can listen to our entire interview with Kevin above!

If wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. can return to his old form, the Los Angeles Rams offense got even better. Beckham Jr. will never be the same WR he was with the Giants, recovering from Torn ACL surgery will do that to you. Rams are banking on that OBJ just not a good fit in Cleveland where they wouldn’t throw him the ball enough. The Rams are very talented at WR led by Cooper Kupp, but there is a spot for Odell in the lineup. And if OBJ gets open, quarterback Matthew Stafford will throw him the ball. Time will tell if this makes the Rams the favorites in the NFC but one thing is for certain since the team made big moves in the last year for Stafford and Von Miller, they are all in on this team. And if Cam Akers can make his way back from his offseason Achilles injury than this team can definitely make and win the Super Bowl.



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