Friend of the show Derek Brown has started a new job and has been so busy it's tough to get him in studio like we used to, but today DB skipped his day off and joined Levack and Closer in studio to give the perspective only a pro athlete could add to today's issues.

Db played for Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville so he lets us know his thoughts on Coughlin returning to pro football and Jacksonville. You may be shocked Coughlin is back after a short hiatus and being in his 70's but DB is not.

Darrell Revis is getting dragged through the mud over the way we believe he handled himself in Pittsburgh last weekend. Will a former first round draft pick support the one-time best corner in the game or join the critics and tell us "nothing good happens after 2am?"

Finally is Jason Pierre Paul worth 21 guaranteed million dollars as part of a contract in the neighborhood of 4 years 50 million dollars?

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