Derek Brown knows what is takes to play in the NFL. All the way back to his high school days in Florida DB has been recruited and scouted. Winning a National Championship at Notre Dame helped DB become a first round pick for the New York Giants. A few years back DB was able to join us at Buffalo Bills camp. While we were there it was awesome to see DB in his element, surrounded by fellow NFL players and Alumni.

While we were sitting there with Andre Reed not making time for anyone BUT DB and at the time Bills WR coach Rob Moore also looking to catch up with the former NFL Tight End, DB kept raving about this kid that you probably never heard of unless you remembered him as 7/11 from the Dolphins season of Hard Knocks. DB made it clear that Chris Hogan had the mindset and temperament he needed to make it one day in the NFL. Here we are two years later and after a three touchdown AFC Championship game everyone wants to know more about Chris Hogan.

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