The last great story line I followed in Professional Wrestling was during the Monday Night Wars. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash as "The Outsiders" invaded WCW and sparked the Monday Night Wars. One half of The Outsiders is coming to the Capital Region and everyone needs to look out for "The Bad Guy" Scott Hall.

Hall was already a legend from his time in the WWE as "Razor Ramon." He and "Diesel" AKA Kevin Nash both left the WWE at the same time so when they popped up in the WCW still basically the same guys, I loved it. The "NWO" was born and finally WCW had something that could compete with the WWE.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were so big in WCW Vince McMahon sued and won the right to use the characters of "Razor Ramon" and "Diesel" which didn't go over great. Rick Bognar attempted to be the new Razor Ramon and didn't hold a candle to Hall. Fans hated both he and fake Diesel Glen Jacobs. Jacobs survived the gimmick being brought back as "Kane" while Bognar was shown the door. For me the lesson was simple...there's only one Scott Hall. HEY YO!!!

Hall will be at Heroes Hideout in Rensselear on Saturday, March 31st at noon.


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