I told you about a week ago that WWE, WCW and NWO Superstar Scott Hall was coming to town on March 31st, well it turns out very much like when Scott Hall was terrorizing the WCW as one half of "The Outsiders" he will not be alone. Kevin Nash will be joining him.

Hall and Nash were part of if not the main part of one of the greatest story arcs in all of professional wrestling's history. When their contracts with the WWE ran out the appeared on WCW Monday night Nitro as if they were invading. They played their parts so well Vince McMahon sued them both and attempted to bring back their WWE characters Diesel and Razor Ramon without Nash or Hall. That failed miserably. Who could replace these two? Nobody, that's who.

The Outsiders invade "Heroes's Hideout" 250 Broadway in Rensselear on March 31st between Noon and 3pm.

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