When you look forward to the the 2021 NFL season there are a lot of questions. Will Sam Darnold be the Jets quarterback? Who can compete with the Chiefs? And of course the way too early of a prediction of who will be in the Super Bowl next season. Freddie Coleman addresses it all above. Make sure to listen.

RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: The Yankees have yet to make Brett Gardner a contract offer this offseason, which makes no sense to me. Gardner isn’t one of the Yankees high paid superstar players, but he’s a player the Yankees still need on their roster. He’s a tremendous outfielder, and he can still hit. And he brings effort every game, and he’s one of the few players who stays healthy for an entire season. I understand the Yankees aren’t in the market for spending money this offseason, but it can’t cost the Yankees much money to bring Gardner back for another season.