Mike White's performance this past week knocked plenty out of survivor pools, won one bettor $125K and humbled the rising Bengals. The most influential thing it did could be laying out the blueprint for Zach Wilson to succeed. But if he wins again on Thursday night, the quarterback controversy for the Jets could get very real. We asked Dennis Waszak Jr. his opinion on the topic and you can listen to the entire interview above and part of his answer below!

"I think what happens now is that you have an interesting situation, you don't have a controversy yet, I think it is way too premature to even think that however if he goes out there on Thursday (and plays well) you give the Jets something to think about!"

Meanwhile, my takeaway from the Giants loss at Kansas City, has more to do with the Chiefs then it does with the Giants. Giants are the same, just not very good. They will win 5 or 6 games this season, but it’s Kansas City that concerns men more. They don’t look anywhere near the team they have been the past couple of seasons, and the team that won a Super Bowl. Kansas City’s defense has plenty of holes and gives up way too many points. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes looks averages after 8 weeks of the season, and that needs to change if the Chiefs have any chance at making a run to the Super Bowl. Giants would have to change their stripes in a big way, if they are going to contend for a playoff spot in the second half of the season.

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