Garth Brooks is excited and you can hear it in his voice, or at least we thought so when he surprisingly called into the WGNA morning show on Friday morning.    When he makes his way to the northeast and performs live at Gillette Stadium on Saturday, October 9th it will be his first show in the Boston-area for the first time in 6 years.

The country music icon was in Albany a bit more recently when he performed multiple sold-out shows back in March of 2017.  To this day, many people from the area say those shows were some of the best, most exciting, country events they've ever been to and it's hard to argue that.  Garth has remained relevant - and on top of his game -  for portions of five decades.

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Garth is such a class act, right out the gate he asked us how our families were doing.  He truly does have a unique way of connecting with whomever he's speaking with, and because of this, he's so easy to interview.

When Garth called into the WGNA morning show on Friday morning, we asked him about Trisha's cooking in hopes that he'd tell us something he cooks better than she does, what jersey he'd be wearing on stage at Gillette Stadium, as well as who did it better Gaga and Cooper or Garth and Trisha.

Listen to the entire interview here:

For more information on Garth Brooks at Gillette and for tickets, click here. 

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