Olympic weightlifting is probably one of the coolest events in all of the Games. Nothing says "I'm ridiculously manly" quite like being able to lift hundreds and hundreds of pounds over your head like it's nothing. However, during today's competition in the snatch discipline, Matthias Steiner of Germany nearly took the competition from cool to gruesome.

Steiner, attempting to lift 196 kilograms (432 pounds), failed to do so and ended up dropping the massive quantity of weight onto the back of his neck before going to the ground. Event officials, worried that fans were looking at a man who had just broken his neck, brought over an Olympic banner and unfurled it in front of him to prevent people from seeing him. As you can see, somehow, Steiner ends up getting up and turned out to be okay.

Goodness gracious that was a close one. I'm glad Steiner made it out of that in one piece.