Some players come to the New York Yankees and never seem to find their former stardom. Giancarlo Stanton is the reigning National League MVP and do to a financial purge on the Miami Marlins he finds himself in the Bronx on a team full of stars and with a fan base that has not been patient with him. Stanton has been way better on the road than at home and for that, the Yankee fans have booed him. Tonight he had a defining moment that will silence those least for a little while.

The Yankees are hosting the Seattle Mariners and it looked like the Bombers just didn't have it tonight. The Mariners took a 5 - 0 lead in the top of the fifth inning. The Yankees scored two runs in the bottom of the fifth but then it felt like that was going to be it. Then a Sac Fly from Didi Gregorius in the seventh and a two-run homer from Gary Sanchez in the eighth and the game was tied 5 - 5. Cue the top of the Yankees line up in the bottom of the ninth. Didi gets on base meaning Giancarlo Stanton would get his shot at winning the game. Down 0 - 2 he blasts a more than 450 foot home run winning the game in walk-off fashion.

Enjoy your night Stanton! You earned it! Welcome to the Yankees!

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