The New York Giants and Jets have been very active in Free Agency. Even after a slow start for the Giants they've come on strong adding players like Kyle Rudolph and Kenny Golladay to name a few. Meanwhile their MetLife roommate the Jets have consistently added talent since Free Agency began. a few questions remain for both teams like are they done adding free agents and what's the plan for their drafts?

Ryan Honey covers the Giants and the Jets for Elite Sports New York so we ask him to grade the moves so far and to forecast what's next for both the Giants and the Jets this offseason. Hear what Ryan has to say by listening to his interview below.

I think I agree way more than I disagree with Ryan Honey's thoughts. The only part I'm still truly on the fence about and hope Honey's prediction misses is when it comes to Jets' QB Sam Darnold. There's certainly a growing number of insiders and reporters that think the Jets will draft BYU's Zach Wilson and move on from Darnold, to be honest I waffle back and forth myself but I would love to see the Jets give him a true chance. I totally agree Honey's logic that no matter who the Jets have playing QB they needed to add weapons and continue to add to the offense to develop them.

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