My entire life I've been a New York Yankees fan. I've been blessed in my 43 years on this planet to see some truly spectacular Yankees teams, but I've also seen some pretty tragic examples of teams built around "talent" over chemistry. Some of the biggest name free agents and best teams on paper have been the biggest disappointments. So when you see a player that is both super talented and also "a glue guy" you gotta get excited. The player I see as a generational talent AND the kinda guy that will be a core that binds his team together is Gleyber Torres.

Torres is only 23 years old and ever since he came over to the Yankees in a trade from the Chicago Cubs it's been pretty clear he's special. Torres was the key piece in a trade with the Chicago Cubs for closer Aroldis Chapman that ultimately yielded the Cubs the 2016 World Series Championship. Since then Torres was willing to play whatever position got him to the Big Leagues. Since debuting in 2017 primarily at 2nd base Gleyber has been a two-time All-Star and clear fan favorite.

In a recent feature at Torres showed his heart by expressing how badly he wants to move his family here to the US with him. He also explained why he feels learning the English language is so important. He wants to be able to communicate with his fans directly. I love that mindset. There's nothing that says Gleyber needs to learn multiple languages but as a fan, I appreciate his effort to speak directly to as many of us as possible.

I'm telling you now there are MVP awards in this kid's future and I believe he gets his first this year.

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