Earlier today on Levack and Goz, the guys were joined  by Sports Illustrated and Monday Morning Quarterback writer Kalyn Kahler. Two of her recent pieces gained the attention of both Levack and Goz earlier this week. One piece focused on the potential future of NFL dance and cheerleading teams following the #MeToo movement. The other considered what the ramifications may be for NFL players following the national anthem league rule being passed by the league. However it is a college football story that stole the attention of today's interview.

Goz has made a reputation of maneuvering his way into media events that he is not allowed into. In some cases (Super Bowl 52, New England Patriots, NCAA tournament interview settings),he gets busted. Find out the the story of when Goz and Kalyn first met at the 2015 Heisman Trophy event. Is she actually better at sneaking into media events than Goz? To hear the complete interview click on the link below.

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