Since Jamion Christian was announced as the new Siena Men's Basketball coach we've been joking about the players needing to prepare for his "Mayhem" defense. It seems like that joke is over. In an article on Christian lays out some of his themed workouts players will experience during Summer School.

For anyone unfamiliar with the "Mayhem" defense that Coach Christian employed at Mount Saint Mary's it is up tempo to say the least. So players will need to be in top physical condition. Christian addressed some of the ways he plans to achieve that in the Times Union.

“We have a lot of themes,’’ Christian said with a laugh during a recent interview. “Finish Fridays. The guys will be conditioning at a high level to finish the week off right. It’s all about trying to create a level of accountability of how your body should be and how connected you are with your teammates. You can’t do that unless you’re sweating with them every day and you’re picking up those guys and empowering them. Ian Farrell, our strength coach, is about to get a real jolt and he’s excited about that.”

It could take a little time for the Siena program to regain it's former greatness but that won't be because the players aren't in top condition.

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