This season I’ll be providing my own personal Top 25 poll each week during the college basketball season. My poll philosophy is ranking the teams I believe are the best twenty five best in the country following that given week’s games. These rankings tip off this week and will run until January, when then we shift our projections to "mock brackets". The complete poll is listed below. (This Poll was conducted at 7pm Monday December 12th )

1) Villanova


3) Kansas

4) Baylor

5) Kentucky

6) Duke

7) North Carolina

8) Indiana

9) Creighton

10) Gonzaga

11) Louisville

12) West Virginia

13) Wisconsin

14) Purdue

15) Xavier

16) Virginia

17) South Carolina

19) Arizona

20) USC

21) Notre Dame 

22) Oregon

23) Cincinnati

24) Florida State 

25) St.Mary's 


Boring week involving the Top 13: I have to sadly admit it, this was a boring week in college hoops. No one in our Top 13 moved a single spot.  I like West Virginia but not enough to put them into the top 10 after two wins over lower than average opponents. Villanova beat Notre Dame, so no need yet to put UCLA over the Wildcats quite yet.

Did I drop Butler too far? The Butler Bulldogs lost this past week to Indiana State 72-71 but then defeated Cincinatti 75-65. I can hear an arguement that maybe I did not give the Bulldogs enough respect for beating the Bearcats but... the loss to Indiana State may hurt their resume in a few months. I like Butler a lot this season especially being a program who started this season unranked. Let's see how they perform Saturday against Indiana.

Is St.Mary's too low?- This again was a tough choice for me. I had Butler 26th and St.Mary's 25th. The Gaels lost to UT-Arlington by 14 points! St.Mary's basketball is this year's version of Houston football. If they have a big win everyone will give the program credit but a big loss and everyone will drop them significantly because they don't play a strong in conference schedule. The Gaels can offer up some difficult match ups for teams but they are barely hanging in the top 25 for now.