I am getting a severe case of cabin fever and I know I'm not alone. But we got some good news about amusement parks reopening soon in New York state. Finally, we heard from Governor Cuomo who is slowly allowing more things to open.

We are approaching a year since this pandemic began. We have been told that we weren't allowed to go to our favorite places like the Great Escape. So many of my childhood memories are from that magical amusement park that I loved. Being without it this past summer really made me realize what my son and kids missed out on. There have been a ton of things. Now we are hearing from the Governor on when the Great Escape and other family fun amusement parks can plan on reopening.

According to NewYorkUpstate.com, Governor Cuomo said that indoor family entertainment centers across New York state can plan on reopening on March 26th, and outdoor amusement parks or entertainment centers can open on April 9th. Finally, a glimmer of hope that our lives are getting somewhat back to normal. There will be limitations, however. Indoor entertainment centers will only be able to have twenty-five percent maximum capacity. Outdoor amusement parks like the Great Escape can reopen at thirty-three percent maximum capacity. Both will have to follow social distancing, patrons will wear face masks, and there will be temperature checks.

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All rides and attractions must be cleaned at the highest standards and social distancing must be enforced or the venue could be shut down. Tickets will be sold in advance only and there will be staggered entry and exit times.

I am just overjoyed that we are finally getting some of our favorite places to reopen. Here's hoping that this is just the beginning and by summer there will be even more places that will be open for us to enjoy in the Capital Region.

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