Rob Gronkowski retired from the NFL following the 2018 season. He returned after a one-year absence, teaming up with Tom Brady again in Tampa Bay, where the two won another Super Bowl title. He played 12 games the season after, calling it quits once again following the 2021 season.

Two years later, the door seems almost completely closed on a second "un-retirement" for the man we call Gronk. The operative word there is almost, however, and if there was one coach who could convince the all-time great to return to the field, it's one of the coaches currently employed in New York.

At least, that's what he said earlier this week.

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Rob Gronkowski: A New York Football Coach Has the 'Best Chance' to Convince Me

In a sit-down interview on FanDuel TV's Up & Adams show, former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski was asked the question that every fan has in the back of their mind: would the 34-year old ever consider returning to the NFL?

While the answer to host Kay Adams' question was still no, Gronkowski added an interesting caveat to his answer. Watch the clip below:

Here's what we took away from this: don't plan on Gronk returning to the gridiron anytime soon, but if Brian Daboll were to give him a call, it's likely that he would answer the phone.

Also, Gronkowski didn't completely shoot down the idea of joining forces with Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs and the rest of the group in Buffalo, which is his hometown team. That's an interesting note to keep in-mind, as well.

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As a Giants' fan, I am sitting on the metaphorical fence as to whether or not I'd be interested in having Rob Gronkowski join the Giants. On one hand, it's never a bad thing to add a player with the type of winning pedigree that Gronk has. His ability to deliver in short-yardage and red-zone situations would be a welcome addition to the offense for QB Daniel Jones.

That said, due to a swift move made by Giants' GM Joe Schoen, the No. 1 tight end position has been filled. Darren Waller has been a godsend for New York to this point in the preseason, and between him and Daniel Bellinger, the G-Men should be set at that position.

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That all being said, it's been well-documented that Darren Waller has had injury issues throughout his career. If the Giants are on a pace to make the playoffs this season, and Waller goes down, they'll need to bring in someone to fill the void during his absence. If that scenario plays out, and I were Brian Daboll, I would absolutely make that phone call.

Plus, how great would it be to watch New England Patriots' fans fume as Rob Gronkowski caught touchdown passes for the Giants? That reaction makes any future contract instantly worth the investment.

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