At 21 years old New York Yankees rookie starting pitcher Deivi Garcia has been one of the most exciting parts of this crazy 60 game season. The Yankees started the year as a World Series favorite and lived up to the hype...until they didn't. After starting the season as one of the hottest teams in baseball the Bronx Bombers found themselves in a 5 - 15 slump thanks to injuries and poor play. Flirting with missing the playoffs altogether the Yanks needed something to get them headed back in the winners circle. Cue Garcia as a major spark to help the Yankees get back on track.

In just three big league starts Deivi Garcia has lead the Yankees to a 2 - 1 record and honestly kept them in the 7 inning doubleheader game they ultimately lost to the Orioles while he didn't have great stuff. The 21-year-old is firey, fun and may have already earned a spot in the postseason starting rotation. The current depth chart has Garcia as the fifth starter but honestly, I'd argue with anyone that has him lower than third. I think injuries have him in the rotation but for me his skill has him taking the ball third behind Gerrit Cole and Masahiro Tanaka. Then rinse and repeat.

Now let's hope jinx's don't exist and he keeps it up!

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