A discussion on Schenectady appeared in the debut episode of HBO's newest show, The Undoing. Based on the 2014 book, You Should Have Known, the HBO miniseries thriller stars Academy Award winner Nicole Kidman, Golden Globe winner Hugh Grant, Edgar Ramirez and Donald Sutherland. Kidman and Grant star as Grace and Jonathan Fraser, a wealthy couple caught up in a murder mystery involving a parent at their children's fictional private school.

In episode one of the series also title "The Undoing", Kidman's character fears that raising her child in Manhattan may not be best for his future and she says:

"What about Schenectady? I've heard nice things about Schenectady". Grant's character responds with "It sounds horrible, even phonetically"

Fans of the show noticed the Schenectady reference on social media.

Due to HBO restrictions, we can not show you the full clip, however you can watch the trailer for the series below.


New episodes of The Undoing air Sunday nights at 9pm on HBO. You can watch episode one of The Undoing discussing Schenectady and future episodes of the series by downloading HBO MAX here


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