Looking for a unique way to getaway? Really get away?

Wait until you see the pictures of this Airbnb listing. Unlock your imagination as you live off the grid in a covered wagon! You don't have to head West, this tiny cabin is right here in New York State.

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The place is called Bellfire In the Catskills is near Roxbury, New York and they offer what they call "unique off-grid artisan dwellings" with 3 different accommodations to choose from.

The Catskills Birdhouse offers a 6 foot skylight above the bedroom and an 11ft-tall window wall in the living space. Spend time at the private fire pit while relaxing in an Adirondack chair. There is a kitchenette and an outside coal BBQ.


A second accommodation option is the 18 foot Bellfire Tipi with custom-made furniture and cedar floors. The perfect place to connect with and to experience the Native Way.


This time around we are going to go off the grid with the Cosmic Nomad. This Airbnb listing can accommodate up to 4 guests with 1 bedroom, 2 beds and a half-bath. This getaway won't be for everyone as there is no running water or electricity at your covered wagon.

One of the most MAGICAL places we have stayed at through Airbnb with incredible kind hosts! I would HIGHLY recommend a visit to The Bellfire. We stayed in the Vardo and every detail of this property took our breath away. If you need a getaway, this is the place. Unplug and relax with breathtaking views, the sounds of nature, and the attention to detail surrounding the property. - Wendy on Airbnb

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