If I had a pool I would want to swim any chance I could. I'd heat the pool just so I could swim year-round. That isn't realistic for me so I started looking around at vacation spots and I found a place, not only with a pool, not even a heated pool but they have a hot pool!

Call it a vacation or a staycation, doesn't matter, you need to check out this place in the Catskills with the year-round pool.

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Rest Co. located on Swiss Hill Road North in Kenoza Lake is about 2.5 hours from the Capital Region but their Hot Pool appears to be worth the get away. Winter would be the most fun time of year to use the pool but it's currently 49 degrees in April and I'd jump in that thing right now if I could.

Rest Co.
Rest Co.

Rest Co. is not a big hotel chain with hundreds of guests. This places offers 4 unique stay opportunities from their Suite, with it's own soaking tub, to 3 individual coop's. There is also a restaurant and a bar.

I did a quick reservation check for pricing and found prices prior to Memorial Day weekend to range from $330/night to $495/night. Another check during the Summer months showed a range from $300/night to $500/night. Check HERE for your results.

By the way, dogs are welcome at Rest Co. All dogs under 50lbs are good to stay and under 75lbs if you are staying in the Suite.

Rest Co.
Rest Co.

Here are some other vacation destinations that offer a pool. All close to the Capital Region.

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