Henry Rowengartner. A name synonymous with both the 1993 film 'Rookie of the Year', as well as, to a certain age group, the Chicago Cubs. I was six years old when this film hit theaters, and if you were a sports fan and anywhere close to that age demographic at the time, this film probably stuck with you as it has with me. The movie about a kid who actually has a chance to live all of our dreams and play professional baseball, without having to grow up in order to do it. In honor of the Cubs trying to win their first World Series since 1908 (although at the end of the film Rowengartner clearly raises a World Series ring...MLB doesn't acknowledge the title, which I think is crap) I figured I'd post a video of the all mispronunciations of 'Rowengartner' from the film. Classic stuff here. Enjoy.