So much for Drew Brees setting the new 1 season passing yardage record and other accomplishments for the New Orleans QB. AP voted packers QB Aaron Rodgers the runaway winner of the MVP Saturday night. Rodgers recieved 48 of the 50 votes, the other 2 going to Brees. There was the popular notion that Bress record breaking season and strong finish would make it a competitive vote but it wasn't even close. Brees broke Dan Marino's 1 season yardage mark in addition to throwing for 300 yards 13x during the season including 7 straight games. In addition to the yardage record Brees set the all time mark for completion percentage at 71.6 % and the record for completions in 1 season with 468 breaking Peyton Mannings mark of 450 by 18 completions.

Despite this avalanche of numbers voters must have been thinking how the game has changed and passing numbers aren't so impressive considering the new rules on hitting by defensive players. Yet the size of Rodgers victory in MVP voting was stunning. Rodgers didn't finish the season that strong where as Brees started on fire and finished that way.

Other award winners Saturday night were Carolina's electrifying Rookie QB Cam Newton who won the rookie of the year award over Cincinatti's Andy Dalton. Von Miller of the Broncos won defensive rookie of the year. Detroit QB Matthew Stafford won comeback player of the year honors. Jim Harbough who guided the San Francisco 49ers to a whopping 13-3 record easily won coach of the year. Terrell Suggs of the Baltimore Ravens was named defensive player of the year!

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